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DomainCheck - Domain Lookup Tool
See if a domain is available for registration or not...

EncryptWolf - Encrypt an HTML Page
Create password protected web pages. The encrypted pages will self-decrypt in a standard web browser, when the correct password is entered.

ipSeeker - Find your IP Address
To run a WWW or FTP server for file sharing on your computer at home and have it accessible from anywhere on the Internet, you need to know your IP address. This tool will find it for you...

Network Diagnostic Tools
Test your online security or just do a little digging with these web based network tools.

Internet Guides
What is ... ? How do I ... ? A look at the Net, its technologies, its language and its tools.

Web Search Resources
How do you find what you want on the web? By using a search engine... but which one. Some are not very privacy conscious and save a lot of information about you. Try DuckDuckGo or Startpage.