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Do I have to know a lot about HTML and computers?

You can edit the headings and text of an existing site with little understanding of HTML but to FULLY exploit the features of the CMS a knowledge of basic HTML codes is necessary. It would be to your advantage to know a little about...

Headings - H1, H2, H3, H4 as in - <h1>Your Heading Level 1 Name</h1>
Paragraphs - <p>This is some text in a paragraph</p>
Line Breaks - <br> as in - This is some text on one line<br>but this text appears on the next line.
Image Codes - <img src="images/your-image-name.jpg" class="some_image_class">
Anchors - Links to sections in the same page.
Links - <a href="http://www.some-other-website.com/" class="some_link_class">Click here to go to some other website</a>

You are working with a UNIX/LINUX operating system NOT Microsoft Windows.
All file and folder names are case sensitive... So in the following list of file names the files are not the same... whereas in Windows they would be.

You go... directory1/directory2/filename